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Logical. Simple. Efficient.  


The world's most controllable, 100% low voltage LED system.


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Ulele Restaurant features LumaStream LED

Ulele Restaurant and the Flexibility of LumaStream LED  

"Not a day goes by without a guest commenting on the quality of lighting in the restaurant." 
~ Keith Sedita, Managing Partner Ulele

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Watch LumaStream on WEDU's Quest

WEDU's new science series "Quest" features LumaStream low-voltage LED lighting technology. 

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Join the DC Revolution - Become a LumaStream Partner

"MIT Technology Review predicts DC will be 50% of electricity consumption within the next 20 years."  We power LED, solving the pain points of LED performance with our patented DC power distribution technology. 

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Recognized as a Leader in LED

LEDs Magazine has selected LumaStream Trinity DMX power supply as a finalist in the first annual Sapphire Awards, selecting it in the LED driver category.

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LumaStream Story

LumaStream is an LED lighting company founded by artists who discovered a better way to manage low-voltage power distribution.

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The Benefits of DC Power Distribution.

Download our whitepaper to learn about LumaStream's game changing solution for the lighting industry, and how we'll contribute to a greener future.   

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