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We’ve Re-imagined Light

LumaStream’s low voltage lighting systems have disrupted the lighting industry in the greatest possible way. Through innovative actions, we have accomplished reduced energy consumption across-the-board.

It is our belief that LEDs are the future of lighting, and low voltage is the future of LED. The pairing of low voltage and quality LED fixtures solves the most perplexing problems that  the industry has faced. Or, to put it another way, it has addressed the issues that line voltage electric has created for low voltage LEDs.

Some of those issues were, premature failure, inconsistent color, poor dimming capability, and lack of energy efficiency.  Our solution has not only solved those problems, but has uncovered even more capabilities.

LumaStream has developed a technology that will change the lighting industry. An industry that still promotes technology patented during the Industrial Revolution. We’re letting the 130-year-old Edison technology rest, so that we can make way for a cleaner, greener, more beautiful future.
In 2009, Eric Higgs encountered a lighting challenge that required ingenuity and innovation to resolve.  The results of this effort were uniquely designed LED fixtures that consumed a total of 890 Watts for the entire project. The light quality and energy efficiency were astonishing, well beyond any market alternatives.  With such incredible outcomes, it quickly became clear that this discovery might solve the quandaries of others who cared about clean power and quality lighting.
  • First to distribute low voltage, DC power over class 2, 18 gauge wire; we pre-dated power over Ethernet (POE) attempts which suffer from distance limitations on cat5 cable
  • First to digitally transform power from AC to DC and send clean DC power up to 200 ft. from source to fixture; to date, no other manufacturer has been able to control dimming over that distance
  • First to create driverless LED fixtures; removing the weakest link in an LED lighting system
  • First to send both power and control signals over a single class 2 wire
  • First to create a smooth dimming curve from 100% to 0.2% light output; key to visually natural transitions from on to off
  • First to earn U.S. patents on the above technology
  • Competitive Up Front Investment
  • Installs Faster Than Line Voltage Systems
  • Reduced Electrical Infrastructure
  • Less Maintenance
  • Automated Functions
  • Greener with Reduced Energy Consumption