LumaStream Beginnings

Before there was LumaStream, there was a man faced with a technical dilemma.

Eric Higgs had designed a light sculpture in downtown Tampa, FL.  His design filled an entire city block with beautifully sculpted light. But the design would also require over 20,000 watts per day to power it. So, he searched available alternatives. What he found were options that were prohibitively expensive, prohibitively ugly, or lacked efficiency.

As a sculptor, environmentalist, and entrepreneur, he recognized this as an opportunity to find a better way. He set out to find a solution that would conserve energy without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the design, and within his limited budget for the project.

The results of this effort were uniquely designed LED fixtures that consumed a total of 890 Watts for the entire project. The light quality and energy efficiency were astonishing, well beyond any market alternatives.  With such incredible outcomes, it quickly became clear that this discovery might solve the quandaries of others who cared about clean power and quality lighting.

In 2009, Eric Higgs founded LumaStream.


A Better Solution

It is our belief that LED is the future of lighting, and low-voltage is the future of LED. The pairing of low-voltage and quality LED fixtures solves the most perplexing problems that  the industry has faced. Or, to put it another way, it has addressed the issues that high-voltage electric has created for low-voltage LEDs.

Some of those issues were, premature failure, inconsistent color, poor dimming capability, and less energy efficiency.  Our solution has not only solved those problems, but has uncovered even more capabilities.  In fact, we’ve expanded lighting control so dramatically that it’s full potential has yet to be realized.

The Future of Lighting is LED. The Future of LED is Low-Voltage

Using digital technology to convert and distribute clean, low-voltage power enables LEDs to reach their maximum potential. Longer lifespans, greater efficiency, and new levels of performance and control are all made possible with low-voltage power distribution.

As of today, LumaStream now offers the only end-to-end low-voltage solution on the market.

We Are Lighting’s Next Generation

LumaStream has developed a technology that will change the lighting industry. An industry that still promotes technology patented during the Industrial Revolution. We’re letting the 130-year-old Edison technology rest, so that we can make way for a cleaner, greener, more beautiful future.