Low-Voltage LED Lighting Featured in Commercial Integrator Magazine

ci-march2015-luma-jpg_0Commercial Integrator magazine’s March 2015 issue asks Integrators to consider the potential revenue available in selling LED lighting systems to their clients. A low-voltage, DMX compatible LED lighting system like LumaStream’s provides the kind of leverage that just might help Integrators open up the possiblities for a new, high margin revenue stream.

“The revenue and profit arguments don’t really matter unless integrators – including low-voltage only integrators – are equiped to actually install new lighting solutions, and they are. Unlike other LED solutions LumaStream uses Class 2 wire to carry low-voltage power to LED light fixtures, and the same wire offers controllability, including dimming, and eliminates the needs for additional control wiring. “It’s a Class 2 system that ties in seamlessly with all their other low-voltage systems…”

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