LED Lighting and It’s Future with Low-Voltage Integrators

The LumaStream Trinity DMX 6 was just named the 2014 Commercial Integrator Product of the Year in the Building Enhancements > Lighting Fixtures/LED/Fiber Optic category.

What makes the Trinity DMX 6 a standout for commercial integration? In a word, opportunity.

With market challenges like falling margins on previously profitable high-tech products, commercial integrators have been seeking new streams of revenue to help maintain growth in the marketplace.  Low-voltage installers have been encouraged to “Follow the Money” to potential growth areas like lighting and lighting control. But there have been barriers to landing jobs in LED. When LEDs are powered by high-voltage infrastructure, the opportunities remain in the domain of the electrical contractor.  But in the low-voltage solution that the Trinity DMX provides, the expertise advantage shifts back towards the low-voltage integrator.

“As commercial clients look to technology to cut operational costs, transitions to energy efficient LED lighting, economic lighting control and better harvesting of natural light makes sense as potential solutions. What doesn’t make sense is commercial integrators leaving it to another trade to solve those issues for their clients.” ~ Tom LeBlanc for Commercial Integrator


The LumaStream Trinity is an end-to-end low-voltage system. In a native low-voltage environment, keeping the job in the hands of an LV pro makes the most sense. With only one high-voltage connection necessary, the bulk of the installation is low-voltage wiring and control programming. Electrical contractors are not typically versed in the world of control systems, particularly smart building systems. Commercial integrators are already using control systems as the glue for all other low-voltage components. The Trinity delivers the weaponry needed to capture this previously elusive revenue and profit center. How?

  • It’s the first all low-voltage wiring solution for commercial LED lighting
  • It’s a multi-channel driver that integrates with common commercial control systems (see list of compatible controls)
  • It powers 24-36 luminaires from one, remote power source; 200 ft. in any direction
  • It needs only low-voltage, class 2 wiring to carry both power and control signal to LEDs

What’s in it for Your Customers? 

Beyond the business opportunity for low-voltage installers, an end-to-end low-voltage LED lighting system has numerous inherent benefits for customers, no matter who installs it.  The LumaStream Trinity creates a low-voltage native environment for all fixtures and control within the system. That native environment improves performance and allows for additional lighting controls, superior dimming, and often lower cost for customers, with pay-back periods of one year or less. Here’s a list of ways end-users benefit from low-voltage LED:

  • Faster installation; low-voltage typically requires significantly less time to complete
  • Less material cost; no conduit, fewer circuits, cheaper wire
  • More energy efficiency; because power is converted once — rather than at every fixture
  • High-tech lighting control; Can manage high and low-voltage systems from a single control center
  • Less maintenance; ‘driverless’ LEDs last longer than their counterparts
  • Long term color performance; low-voltage native environment protects the LED chip
  • Lower electric bills; 85% reduction in lighting costs compared to traditional lighting systems
  • Lower carbon footprint; greener than high-voltage LED options

Prepare for Open Doors

The Commercial Integrator award is a sign of good things to come for low-voltage LED lighting. LumaStream provides all installation partners with support from beginning to end of the installation process. We’re here to help you grow your opportunities in LED lighting.

Remember, the future of lighting is LED, and the future of LED, is low-voltage.


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