Saving Money and Energy in Restaurant Applications

Are you considering the benefits of switching to low voltage LED lighting, but still looking for more information before you take the plunge? You might want to know:

  • How much will low voltage LED reduce operating expenses?
  • How much will it reduce energy consumption?
  • How much will the initial investment be?

We have many clients who have been where you are now.

In fact, two current LumaStream clients – both restaurant chains – wanted to know more before making the switch to LED. They each hired a third-party company to perform an “energy audit” on their store.  We’d like to share those results with you. We hope it offers insight into the potential savings benefits of lighting with LED.

Energy Audit:  80% Energy Savings with Low Voltage LED

This audit was designed to measure the difference in energy usage between a LumaStream end-to-end low voltage lighting system and the existing lighting setup inside their restaurants. The report includes a fixture to fixture comparison with quantities and wattage usage for each. The specified traditional system was a mix of incandescent and fluorescent, which was compared with a LumaStream solution that included the same number of fixtures.

One item to highlight is the “Energy Load Comparison” which compares overall wattage consumption and energy costs for both systems. You can see the LumaStream system offers significant savings of about 80% per year over the existing setup.


The numbers made it clear to our client that it was worth the investment to convert one of their stores to low voltage LED. And since becoming a LumaStream client, they have confirmed that the location studied has the lowest electricity usage per square foot than any other restaurant in the chain. And that’s just one of the benefits they are getting from their LumaStream end-to-end low voltage solution.

Download energy savings audit  >>


Energy Audit:  Operational Savings with LED Lighting

This audit, done for a Virginia based restaurant chain, provides an overview of compared energy costs and environmental impact between a LumaStream low voltage system and their current conventional lighting package. The report covers both energy savings and projected maintenance savings for a total operational cost comparison between the two options. LumaStream is the projected system.

operational_savings_energyaudit (1)

The audit also details greenhouse gas production based on saved kW hours.


This report also breaks out costs for the new hardware and identifies the “payback period” – the amount of time it will take the system to pay for itself in energy savings.  For this client, the system is projected to pay for itself within one year.

Download operational savings energy audit >>


Still Have Questions?

Now you can see why we’re so keen to share this information with you. A LumaStream low voltage, driverless LED lighting system can save you real money. It will reduce your energy consumption, which is good for the planet. And reducing energy consumption might also qualify your business for additional city, state, or federal incentives – saving you even more money. Beyond those savings, there are also numerous control benefits to our centralized low voltage control. Flicker-free dimming, more automation and lighting control, and better service than you’ve ever imagined from a lighting company.  Switching to an end-to-end low voltage lighting solution might be the best decision you have yet to make for your business.

Why Go Low Voltage? 

If you’re already using LED in your space, but haven’t heard about the advantages of pairing low voltage with your solution, check out our Mellow Mushroom case study. The future of lighting is LED. The future of LED is low voltage.

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