Your LED on LumaStream

This Is Your LED.

eggIf you’re in the business of building, architecture, or electrical contracting, you’ve no doubt had a good bit of experience with LED lighting. And, you probably recognize that you’re going to be working with LED lighting a lot more in the future. And while LED certainly has significant advantages, you’ve probably also experienced some of the potential performance issues and limitations of LED technology.

Common LED Performance Issues:

  • LED fixtures don’t actually last spec’d 50,000 hours
  • Color shift – color and quality of lights deteriorates over time.
  • Flicker when dimming – lacks smooth transitions


Why should a technology with such promise have these performance issues?  In short, we’re using old infrastructure to power a new technology. We’re frying the LED diodes like an egg.

Causes of LED Performance Issues: 

  • Excessive heat
  • Excessive voltage

LED fixtures require low-voltage (DC) power to operate. But virtually all commercial buildings in the US are built with a high-voltage infrastructure. So, we’ve simply been sending high voltage power to a low-voltage LED that converts AC to DC in each fixture. In doing so, we invite excessive heat and burn up the diodes. Too much heat causes the LEDs to fail, or otherwise under perform. That’s the short version.  If you want the long version, you can learn more in this .pdf from the U.S. Department of Energy “LED Luminaire Lifetime.”


This Is Your LED on LumaStream.

fried4102-2We have found the way to unlock the true potential of LED. We deliver native low-voltage power directly to the low-voltage LED fixture. No more excessive heat. No more excessive power.  By converting high voltage power to low-voltage once, a safe distance from the LED diodes, we solve the problems mentioned above.

And, as it happens, our method of managing power also adds greater control and functionality. LED on LumaStream offers you benefits in both performance and control.

Performance Benefits of LED on LumaStream

  • True 50,000 hour fixture life
  • Little-to-no color shift throughout life of the fixture
  • Superior, flicker free dimming to 0.2%

Control Benefits of LED on LumaStream

  • Energy efficiency and capability with new energy requirements
  • Programmable lighting scenes manage the lit environment for you
  • Dynamic color-changing storefront and interior lighting for eye-catching displays
  • Control lights with common digital or analog interfaces (like a phone, tablet, control panel, etc)

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about a LumaStream turnkey LED lighting system, please call us at 727.827.2805 or fill out our online form.