Eight Tips for Lighting Retail Environments

Lighting exists simultaneously as both an unnoticed, and invaluable, marketing tool in retail spaces. The average customer is unaware of how viscerally they respond to lighting, and yet studies have found there are measurable changes in the way lighting makes them feel – and purchase.  In other words, when it comes to sales – good lighting helps and bad lighting hurts. But because people are not consciously aware, a survey of your customers might not reveal lighting as the source of displeasure (or pleasure). So, what exactly is good lighting in a retail store?  We compiled findings from multiple studies on lighting and retail and created a short list of eight lighting techniques that boost sales.



How Can Retailers Harness the Power of Lighting?

From our compiled list above, we know that it is wise to use a creative lighting strategy using layering, back lighting, color, and contrast rather than simply flooding space with light. We know that certain CRIs and color temperatures are more appealing. This is good, actionable, information that is useful when planning and designing for retail. But even with all this research, there still isn’t a one-size-fits-all lighting scheme that improves sales in every instance. What is clear is that lighting can be a powerful tool in affecting buyer mood and behavior – and that finding the right light mix can increase sales and improve customer perception about your store.

In fact, both emotional and environmental factors contribute to retail lighting success. We found three studies that provide more detail and insight than our infographic that we also wanted to share. Of particular interest is a new study by Zumtobel that outlines lighting archtypes and our subconscious (or limbic) emotional responses to light. We have also summarized a 2010 Dutch study challenges the idea that bright light is always better, and a South African study looks at the overall impact of store atmosphere (light, sound, smell, etc.), finding that bad lighting can have a more negative effect than expected. Find those lighting studies and summaries here >>


Hire a Lighting Company That Does the Research for You

Here’s a tip for anyone who’d rather know more about their core business than being a lighting expert. Choose a lighting company that does the research for you. When you choose LumaStream, you’re getting more than just efficient, low-voltage LED lighting. You get eco-engineered lighting design, with technical support before and after the installation, including commissioning of your installed system.

Remember, if you’re not compelled to become a lighting expert yourself, LumaStream can help you develop a lighting strategy that considers not only the impact of LED on retail sales, but also improves efficiency, reliability, and controllability of your LED lighting system.


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