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LumaStream low-voltage LED systems improve the performance of LEDs. And not just our LEDs.


LumaStream’s core technology is low-voltage power and control distribution.  In other words, we power LEDs in a way that makes them last longer, dim better, use less energy, and integrate with digital control environments. We’ve talked about these advantages before, but here’s a quick recap on the benefits of a LumaStream system:

  • Flicker free dimming – to .2%
  • Improved reliability – true to spec 50,000 fixture hours, eliminate premature failures
  • Robust controllability options – automated lighting scenes, integration with occupancy sensors, day light harvesting capabilities, and digital control
  • Superior efficiency – more lights with fewer Watts

And the great news is, you can receive these benefits from a wide variety of fixture alternatives.


Fixtures | Ours, Theirs, Yours

One benefit of our system’s flexibility is that most LED fixtures, in just about any form factor, can be adapted to work with our remote driver technology. What does that mean to you?  It means you can have both the fixture you want, and the performance you need for when planning for your next installation. The LumaStream turkey LED lighting system provides crucial improvements to LEDs, as well as installation support and final commissioning, that help to ensure a successful final product.


Ours – (LumaStream Fixtures)

If you’re used to browsing through page after page of fixtures to find a lighting solution, you might not find a LumaStream fixture at first glance. That’s because we don’t make a lot of fixtures. We have focused on core fixture development, for high quality offerings that perfectly compliment our remote driver technology.

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Theirs – (Partner Manufacturers)

We play well with others.  Our remote power conversion technology is compatible with most common commercial lighting fixtures, so we can connect most any LED luminaries to our power and control system with inexpensive, safe, efficient, low-voltage wire. With our unique approach, we are able to eliminate the number one point of failure in most LEDs – the on-board driver – for improved reliability, fewer premature failures, and improved performance over time. The LumaStream system improves dimming, efficiency, reliability, and adds controllability, all of which are crucial in hospitality, restaurant, and retail environments. So, once you find that beautifully designed fixture, contact us to ensure it performs the way you need.

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Can Your LEDs Be Powered by LumaStream?

The Trinity remote driver can output constant current from 300-1400 mA and variable forward voltage from 6-47 VDC for fixtures from 300-3500 lumens.

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Yours – (Retrofit and Custom)

We have the ability to retrofit existing branded fixtures for chain restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. If you have an existing style of fixture that represents your chain store’s brand, we can work with you to retrofit key lighting elements, or we can work with you to create custom fixtures that meet your esthetic and performance needs. This is a unique offering for folks who still want improved  performance, reliability, efficiency and control in their lighting system. And when the situation requires, we can also work with clients to develop custom fixtures for their space.

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We make sure the LEDs you want, perform the way you need.

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