CONSUMER ALERT: What the Note 7 Can Teach Us About the Dangers of Some LED Fixtures

You can’t board an airplane without being reminded of the Note 7 and that dangerous products make it into the market all the time.  Thanks to product recalls and news stories like the now famous (unfortunate) Galaxy Note 7, most of us now know what a “thermal runaway” is.  As consumers, we go to painstaking measures to find the right specifications, measurements, pricing and shipping terms but how deeply are we reviewing safety certifications and do we know what they mean when it comes to LED fixtures?

Here are some quick tips that will help you make a safe choice when choosing lighting solutions:

1.) Learn the Difference Between UL Listed LED Fixtures and Recognized LED Fixtures


UL Recognized Component


UL Listed Marking

It’s important to access if the product you’re installing is listed or recognized.  Recognized components are used by manufacturers to more quickly provide certification in the UL Listing process.   Comparing a listing to recognition would be like comparing a car to an engine.  The listing is the completed car, and a recognized component is the engine.   Recognized components are recognized with conditions to acceptance to a final listing.  Because you don’t know what those conditions are, you have no real way to confirm that the product you are purchasing is safe unless it has a listing.

2.) Only Purchase UL Listed LED Fixtures and Drivers

It isn’t illegal to sell products that aren’t UL or ETL (a nearly identical testing company) listed.  Retailers look for products that will allow them the highest margins and quickest sell through rate.  This means that the aesthetics of the product become more important than the safety.  The burden of research falls on the consumer to make an informed buying decision.  Pressure from consumers who will only purchase listed products will result in the decreased sales of inferior and hazardous products.

The Sales Pitch:

All of LumaStream’s LED Drivers are UL Listed.  This means when you purchase our lighting systems, you can rest assured that you have end to end protection.