Lights! Camera! Action!

Thursday November 13, 2014, WEDU featured LumaStream in their new monthly series Quest, a television series that captures the latest breakthroughs in science technology and education.

WEDU’s Quest science show, explored some of the technical elements of LumaStream’s low-voltage LED technology and explored our understanding of the human response to light. We were so excited to be part of WEDU’s Quest that some of us simultaneously pat our heads, rubbed our tummy and jumped up and down on one foot.


Above: Tom Richards helps out producer Ken Cherry by performing a complex pre-interview preparation technique.


Take a behind the scene look at our time with WEDU Quest’s producer Ken Cherry.


Above: Producer Ken Cherry interviews our CEO, Eric Higgs about LumaStream, the technology we created and the human response to light.



Above: LumaStream Lighting Designer, Dan Sroka, focused on service at LumaStream. Not only do we manufacture a core set of LED fixtures and a patented low-voltage remote power supply, we also assist clients with lighting design services. We understand the importance of light and how we can create better environments for people with good light. We share this understanding with our clients.



Above: Getting up close and personal with the production of our LED fixtures.


Above:  Tom Richards, our multitasking Sales Account Executive, going over a detailed explanation of our technology that, unfortunately, did not make into final production of the episode.


Thanks for coming behind the scenes of our WEDU Quest episode filming. We enjoyed having you!! Check out the epsisode at the top of this post or click through to WEDU to view.