LumaStream and Vantage Controls Collaborate on Home Renovation for Richard and Kathleen Glikes – –

Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited, predicted the emergence of lighting fixtures as a future cornerstone product line for AV/Low Voltage dealers. It is a logical extension to the lighting control systems, such as Vantage Controls, to the AV/LV integrator’s product portfolio. Not only did he champion the addition of lighting fixture suppliers to the Azione vendor group, but when he and his wife, Kathleen, decided to renovate their Pennsylvania home, they chose LumaStream’s low-voltage Intelligent LED lighting and Vantage Controls®.

LumaStream Low-Voltage Lighting

The Glikes’ home renovation included a wine cellar and tasting room, along with a bar, game room, and home cinema. In these spaces, Joe Hart of Audio/Video Design in Oxford, PA was charged with following Kathleen’s lighting plan and installing the system.


 “I found the LumaStream hardware very intuitive to work with.  They provided high-quality components and accessories that made the installation quite easy.” Joe Hart, Audio/Video Design…  (See full case study here…)

Hart decided to locate all the remote power supplies in two locations, to reduce the length of the fixture homeruns and allow for easy commissioning and servicing.

“The fixtures require very little clearance and give off minimal heat. LumaStream provides quick-connect connectors so wiring the fixtures could not be quicker… it’s all very clever and well thought-out.” Joe Hart

Audio/Video Design is a perfect example of an AV/LV integrator who has seized the opportunity to specify and install low-voltage LED lighting. It is a significant opportunity to meet new clients and grow their business.  When you have one company installing all the devices they are controlling, it creates a more comprehensive package, generates additional revenue and provides one point of accountability for the customer. The Glikes’ lighting system features 30 total LumaStream fixtures that deliver the company’s faultless dimming and superb light throughout the sizable space. Each fixture is connected via 18-gauge, 2-conductor wire that runs to wall-mounted power supplies that are hidden from view.

As Joe Hart confirmed, “Mounting and terminating the wire at the power supplies is a snap. This is a carefully conceived low-voltage lighting solution that really works well.”

Vantage Controls

Vantage Controls’ InFusion System is used to provide intuitive lighting control throughout the space. It was an ideal choice and well matched to the LumaStream low-voltage intelligent LED lighting. Two Vantage control modules were deployed in order to control the LumaStream fixtures along with the third-party, line voltage, specialty fixtures in the space. “Vantage was very supportive throughout the installation process and provided beautiful four-button and six-button engraved keypads that have a sleek, modern look.”

Hart worked with WOW Media, a seasoned LumaStream registered installer and fellow Azione dealer member, to manage system programming.  They were able to create custom scenes (multifunction single commands) that controlled both the LumaStream and the 110Vac fixtures simultaneously.

“Vantage and LumaStream simply work great together,” said Luis Rodriguez, Vice President of WOW Media. “We have been using LumaStream for years and love the seamless compatibility of these two quality systems.”

The technology is wonderful, but how does it look?

The result provided the Glikes with the exact look and functionality they desired, all from intuitive wall-mounted keypads in the space.

Illuminating the details:

“Our new LumaStream / Vantage lighting system is elegant and practical. I love the touch panels with the ability to dim gradually and the styling is beautiful. The LumaStream downlights put out tons of light and the sconces are sexy. I couldn’t be happier,” Richard Glikes.

Joe Hart provided a summary of the parts and installation:

This installation features a Vantage controller, IC-DIN-ll-Lite, which holds the programming. The low-voltage stations were used as hybrid control dimmers on one common two-conductor bus. This unit was linked to a DMX-DALI-GW (control gateway) that provided DMX control of the LumaStream power supplies. The programmable keypads and wallbox dimmers include EasyTouch II dimmer stations that control the 110V sconces in the wine tasting room, but also has preset keys that can control the other lights in the room using the Vantage two-conductor bus. The main programmable keypads for lighting control are two Vantage adorne® six-button and two Vantage adorne three-button low-voltage programmable keypad stations that connect through the Vantage two-conductor bus back to the IC-DIN-ll-Lite controller.

The two Vantage controllers are DIN rail-mounted in a small enclosure in the utility room and share a 36Vdc plug-in power supply provided by Vantage.


Low-voltage fixtures: 701 sconces and IDL6Rs (indirect recessed downlights) powered by two Trinity 12 DMX 700mA power supplies.




September 4, 2019