CONSUMER ALERT: What the Note 7 Can Teach Us About the Dangers of Some LED Fixtures

CONSUMER ALERT: What the Note 7 Can Teach Us About the Dangers of Some LED Fixtures You can't board an airplane without being reminded of the Note 7 and that dangerous products make it into the market all the time.  Thanks to product recalls and news stories like the now famous (unfortunate) Galaxy Note 7, [...]

LumaStream Teams Up with National Forensic Science Technology Center

NFSTC Mobile Forensic Lab Gets Innovative LumaStream LED Lighting LumaStream was chosen by the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) to assist with modernizing the design and functionality of their forensic laboratories deployed in combat situations, natural disasters, and other crisis situations. LumaStream replaced 300lbs of bulky, mercury filled fluorescent lighting with a light weight, low-profile [...]

LumaStream Lights Showroom

Integration Firm Showroom Showcases Myriad Lighting Benefits The August 2015 Commercial Integrator magazine features another integration firm selecting LumaStream LED lighting system technology for a promising stream of revenue. This article highlights how one Washington State based integration firm, e3 Solutions, saw the benefit of, and has strategically outfitted their showroom with LumaStream’s low-voltage technology. [...]

8 Reasons to Rethink Leaving Lighting to Electricians

Low-Voltage LED Lighting Featured in Commercial Integrator Magazine Commercial Integrator magazine's March 2015 issue asks Integrators to consider the potential revenue available in selling LED lighting systems to their clients. A low-voltage, DMX compatible LED lighting system like LumaStream's provides the kind of leverage that just might help Integrators open up the possiblities for a [...]

Case Study: LumaStream LED System 48% More Efficient

LumaStream LED Systems Reduce Energy Consumption and Cost Independent green tech experts, Real Building Consultants, compared LumaStream's LED lighting system to an originally specified LED lighting package. They found that the LumaStream's system removed inefficiencies that produced a significant savings in energy consumption and cost. Download the Real Buildings Consultants LumaStream low-voltage LED lighting versus other LEDs in this [...]

LED Lighting in Retail Spaces

Eight Tips for Lighting Retail Environments Lighting exists simultaneously as both an unnoticed, and invaluable, marketing tool in retail spaces. The average customer is unaware of how viscerally they respond to lighting, and yet studies have found there are measurable changes in the way lighting makes them feel - and purchase.  In other words, when [...]

Recent Studies on Lighting and Retail

Effects of Lighting on Retail Buying Behavior We know that strategic lighting has the potential to increase overall sales and impact the perception of a brand. New studies also show new ways that lighting can effect customers. A recent study by Zumtobel looks at our subconscious (or limbic) emotional responses to light.  A 2010 Dutch study [...]

The Fixtures You Want. The Performance You Need.

LumaStream low-voltage LED systems improve the performance of LEDs. And not just our LEDs. Performance LumaStream's core technology is low-voltage power and control distribution.  In other words, we power LEDs in a way that makes them last longer, dim better, use less energy, and integrate with digital control environments. We've talked about these advantages before, but here's [...]

WEDU Quest

Lights! Camera! Action! Thursday November 13, 2014, WEDU featured LumaStream in their new monthly series Quest, a television series that captures the latest breakthroughs in science technology and education. WEDU's Quest science show, explored some of the technical elements of LumaStream's low-voltage LED technology and explored our understanding of the human response to light. We were so [...]

Faster Horses

What Auto Dealerships Should Know About LED Lighting Today “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” ~ Henry Ford (attributed) Henry Ford may not have actually uttered those words, but that hasn't stopped thousands of people from quoting it when they unveil an out-of-the-box idea.  In Ford's time, [...]