LED Lighting Challenges and Solutions

Your LED on LumaStream This Is Your LED. If you’re in the business of building, architecture, or electrical contracting, you’ve no doubt had a good bit of experience with LED lighting. And, you probably recognize that you’re going to be working with LED lighting a lot more in the future. And while LED certainly has [...]

New Energy Efficiency Standards – California Title 24

Here at LumaStream, we've been carefully studying new energy efficiency regulations around the country to ensure that our low-voltage lighting systems meet the most stringent requirements.  We are pleased to report that we meet, or exceed the criteria for lighting in each of the categories we have encountered so far. Lighting Control Standards One of [...]

LED Lighting and Alzheimer’s Patients in Assisted Living Facilities

Research Brief LED Lighting in Medical Facilities   The implications of light on human health are relatively well studied. From specific ailments like Alzheimer’s to more general studies on lighting and depression, studies reflect the importance of the right kind of indoor lighting as it relates to human health. In general, most findings seem to [...]

LED Lighting and Workplace Productivity

Can better lighting improve your bottom line? The research says "yes."  Studies have shown that proper lighting can lead to higher worker productivity and job performance. If you care about the bottom line, read on. Lighting and Productivity In what might be the most frequently cited study on the influence of lighting and productivity, Green [...]

St. Petersburg College and LumaStream Partnership

Creating Opportunity Through Partnership The second St. Petersburg College advanced manufacturing training class is underway at LumaStream Headquarters! Over a year ago, in March 2013, a partnership between LumaStream and SPC was proposed. This proposition allows students the ability to train in advanced manufacturing, procuring skills, which are in high demand, while learning from working [...]

Commercial Integrator Product of the Year Award for the Trinity DMX 6

LED Lighting and It's Future with Low-Voltage Integrators The LumaStream Trinity DMX 6 was just named the 2014 Commercial Integrator Product of the Year in the Building Enhancements > Lighting Fixtures/LED/Fiber Optic category. What makes the Trinity DMX 6 a standout for commercial integration? In a word, opportunity. With market challenges like falling margins on previously profitable high-tech [...]

Energy Audits: Low Voltage LED vs. Conventional Lighting

Saving Money and Energy in Restaurant Applications Are you considering the benefits of switching to low voltage LED lighting, but still looking for more information before you take the plunge? You might want to know: How much will low voltage LED reduce operating expenses? How much will it reduce energy consumption? How much will the [...]

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

Full House at the LumaStream Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Celebration Last Friday was the LumaStream Grand Opening celebration. We had a great time hosting and we were so happy to see so many come out and support this endeavor!  If you weren't able to make it, here's a rundown of the event along with [...]

Beyond the Bulb

Energy Efficiency In the LED Age After seven generations, the lighting industry has finally moved on from the incandescent light bulb. While letting go of the old ‘arc and spark’ is a step towards a greener future, there is more work to be done beyond the bulb. LumaStream engineers developed an innovative digital power conversion [...]


Credits Associated With Low-Voltage LED Lighting and Lighting Control Energy savings are a key element for certification in most LEED projects. LumaStream’s low-voltage distribution system maximizes the energy efficiency of an LED lighting system, while adding other benefits to reach new LEED heights. For example, adding lighting control can boost your credits in additional LEED [...]