LED Lighting for Banking Building Brand and Community with Light Bank building exteriors have been lighting up the night skylines across the country for many years now. LED color changing lights are an effective method to capture attention and to visually establish the buildings as in institution within the community. And here at LumaStream we offer [...]


LED Lighting For Commercial Buildings Optimizing Your Investment LED is the clear choice for energy efficient and architecturally pleasing light. Using a low-voltage power distribution system with LED lighting makes it more energy efficient, simpler and faster to install, and easier to control. LumaStream offers the only holistic approach to low-voltage power distribution for LED [...]


Retail LED Lighting Solutions Put Your Brand In The Best Light You never have a second chance to make a first impression. LED lighting technology enlivens store ambiance and merchandise, while reducing energy use, operating costs, and your store’s environmental footprint. Powered by LumaStream LED technology is more effective and more efficient than standard LED [...]


LED Lighting Solutions For Hospitality Create An Inviting Hotel Atmosphere. Save Energy. Low-voltage LED lighting solutions create a welcoming ambiance with the feeling of natural, energy efficient light that surpasses you and your hotel guests’ expectations for quality. LumaStream’s flexible LED lighting systems can energize your hotel brand with dynamic color, provide optimally illuminated public [...]

Restaurant Lighting

Restaurant LED Lighting Solutions Improve Ambiance, Save Cost The quality of light in a restaurant environment has a direct impact on customer experience, enjoyment, and loyalty. LED lighting design can transform a space – and the perception of the food and drink. Crisp, white light with superior color rendering makes food more appetizing by highlighting [...]