House of Worship

LED Lighting Solutions For House of Worship When budgets, efficiency and control matter, LumaStream answers the call Low-voltage LED lighting solutions create more than just light.  The value of the low-voltage lighting system offered by LumaStream to the house of worship market is far reaching. We often say that LumaStream had "accidental success" in the [...]

LED Power Supplies

Engineered LED Power® Low-Voltage Power And Control For LED Light Fixtures LumaStream builds its high efficiency AC/DC power conversion into two forms of LED driver dimmers: Trinity remote power supplies achieve clean, low-voltage, DC power runs up to 200 ft. away for up to 36 LED fixtures EON Digital low-voltage power distribution with analog dimming control for high-lumen [...]

Trinity DMX Technical Overview

Download System Overview pdf >> Components of the LumaStream Low-Voltage LED Lighting Solution   LumaStream Components LumaStream Intelligent Power Supply       Manages digital power conversion and control Driverless LED fixture        Most reliable, efficient, and longest lasting, LED lighting fixture Break-out Module   Simplifies wiring connections from control to fixtures Lighting Control System [...]

Spec Sheets & Documentation

Our list of products is rapidly expanding.  Below is a subset of our spec sheets and system guides. System Configuration Matrices Trinity and Downlights (401, 405, 410, 605) Trinity and Accent Lights (R3, R4) LumaStream LED Fixtures Other LED Fixtures LumaStream LED Drivers If you do not find what you are looking for, [...]

Sustainable LED Solutions

The industry's first and most sustainable, 100% low voltage lighting system. LumaStream provides the lighting industry with game changing turnkey technology that maximizes the efficiency, control, safety and sustainability of LEDs, while reducing the complexity and costs of quality lighting. LumaStream Intelligent LED Lighting System is comprised of three main components: the control, the Intelligent [...]