Dealer Success Stories

A/V Integrators: If You Aren't Offering LumaStream, You're Missing Out! Since LumaStream was founded in 2010, our intention has always been to offer the most attractive, versatile and reliable LED lighting solutions for the low-voltage integrator. LumaStream systems utilize patented remote power supplies, creating a system topology that does not require an electrician’s license to [...]

Green Energy Rebates | US

  LumaStream, Inc. is based in Florida, but we have customers nationwide. From coast-to-coast, utility companies are encouraging energy efficiency by offering cash incentives. We've done research on those rebates and incentives, and are sharing a list of green building incentive programs available in a few major markets around the US. We will keep adding to the [...]

Green Energy Rebates | Florida

  LumaStream has done the rebate research for you. Below you'll see a short list of Florida green building incentive programs organized by location and provider. This is not meant to be a complete list of all available rebates, and you should follow up with our team, or with your energy company for more details. However, [...]

Trinity DMX Installation Videos

  Below is a video series we developed to assist installers of the Trinty DMX LED lighting system. If you would like to see a broad overview of the system please check out our Trinity DMX System Overview resource. For your convenience we have seperated our videos into short, one-minute segments that address key practices in installing [...]

Trinity DMX Technical Overview

Download System Overview pdf >> Components of the LumaStream Low-Voltage LED Lighting Solution   LumaStream Components LumaStream Intelligent Power Supply       Manages digital power conversion and control Driverless LED fixture        Most reliable, efficient, and longest lasting, LED lighting fixture Break-out Module   Simplifies wiring connections from control to fixtures Lighting Control System [...]

LED Glossary

A Accent Lighting Directional lighting to emphasize a particular object or draw attention to a display item. .   Active Cooling A cooling process that uses power for cooling components such as fans to actively exhaust heat from components.   Amp The unit of measuring the rate of flow of electrical current: Current (Amps) = [...]