Online Dealer Training Now Available in the Dealer Portal

Making information more readily accessible to dealers for self-study and onboarding support is a high priority for the LumaStream leadership team.  To that end, our development team has worked to put together state-of-the-art online dealer courses that enable interested dealers to consume an ever-expanding library of material.  For our soft launch, the course includes Dialux Lighting Design Training, Understanding IES files, and a basic installation guide.  Coming soon, we will cover many topics including:

  • Specifying a LumaStream System
  • Overcoming Common Sales Objections
  • The LumaStream Value Proposition
  • Specifying Power Efficiently without Sacrificing Efficacy

Shown here, dealers can progress through courses and even complete tests to verify understanding of course content.

LumaStream Dealers are all provided with access to this portal, where they access necessary dealer tools.  LumaStream will be working over the coming weeks to aggressively add content to the training database and provide you with the support needed to be successful in the field.