LED Lighting for Banking

Building Brand and Community with Light

Bank building exteriors have been lighting up the night skylines across the country for many years now. LED color changing lights are an effective method to capture attention and to visually establish the buildings as in institution within the community. And here at LumaStream we offer solutions for skyscrapers of all kinds, just as we did for Comcast Tower in Philadelphia, PA.  But what about all those local branches that don’t inhabit a skyscraper? How can the average branch location attract attention, and reinforce their brand through light?

LumaStream provides LED lighting solutions for branches of any size, in any city. We can help you create an eye-catching, color changing display that will help your branches stand out. And our low-voltage LED solution will save you money and time with less maintenence, and lower electric bills. LumaStream offers the most controlable light, the biggest visual impact, and the lowest energy consumption of any available market alternative.

Highlights of LumaStream’s LED approach:

  • High quality light that renders color beautifully, provides crisp contrast, and dims to 0.2% without flicker
  • Driverless LED fixtures for increased system efficiency and reliability
  • Remote LED drivers that send power and control over thin-gauge, low-voltage wire to up to 24 LED fixtures in a 200 ft. radius
  • Design, engineering, and system commissioning services provided

LumaStream LED lighting systems also offer several benefits tailored to our banking clients.

Capex savings:

  • LED lighting packages at or below first cost.
  • Low-voltage, plug-and-play LED systems mean fewer electrical circuits, less wire and conduit, and shortened installation time.
  •  Class 2 wiring is thinner and easier to route than high-voltage wiring, overcoming installation obstacles in bank renovations that often include firewalls.
  • Centralized surge protection protects investment.

Opex savings:

  • Low-voltage power and control distribution for LED produces the highest energy savings.
  • Driverless LED fixtures are maintenance-free; there are no electronics to fail or degrade over time. (U.S. DOE recognizes drivers as number one failure point in LED fixtures.)

Increased productivity:

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LumaStream is a low-voltage, intelligent LED lighting systems provider. The efficiency gains and cost savings with low-voltage distribution combined with a higher quality of LED light give our clients a huge impact. Additionally, custom color mixing or dynamic color-changing LED lighting enhances brand image to clientele and passersby. To learn more: