LED Lighting For Commercial Buildings

Optimizing Your Investment

LED is the clear choice for energy efficient and architecturally pleasing light. Using a low-voltage power distribution system with LED lighting makes it more energy efficient, simpler and faster to install, and easier to control.

LumaStream offers the only holistic approach to low-voltage power distribution for LED lighting. Unlike other LED companies, LumaStream’s patented system uses speaker wire to carry low-voltage power to LED fixtures. The same wire also fully controls and dims the LEDs, eliminating the need for secondary control wiring. Remote drivers centrally convert AC power to low-voltage DC power using proprietary digital algorithms that achieve clean power runs up to 200 ft. away, like a stereo amplifier and speakers.

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LumaStream LED lighting benefits:

  • Consistent light quality and color
  • Flexible lighting design with variety of LED luminaires and color temperature (CCT) options
  • Custom and retrofit LED fixture options
  • Driverless LED fixtures for increased reliability and LED lifespans

LumaStream low-voltage distribution benefits:

  • 3-in-1 remote power supply with digital power conversion, constant current drivers, and dimming control
  • One power supply drives clean power to 24 fixtures in up to a 200 ft. radius
  • Same low-voltage wire for lighting power and control
  • Reduced investment in electrical infrastructure; fewer circuits, less conduit, and less labor
  • Decreased building operations and maintenance costs; 80-85% energy savings on lighting (vs. incandescent)
  • Additional savings with reduced HVAC load because of reduced heat output from lighting
  • No mercury disposal fees (as required by fluorescent)
  • Meet or exceed LEED and CA Title 24 building codes

LumaStream lighting control benefits:

  • Programmable lighting scenes, including dynamic color changing LED
  • Occupancy/vacancy and daylight sensors provide light only when needed
  • Compounded energy savings by eliminating wasted light
  • Lighting system can be monitored remotely and/or connected to building management system

LumaStream is your LED lighting solutions partner. We partner with architects, developers, construction companies, electrical contractors, and AV systems integrators to design and integrate a low-voltage LED lighting system tailored to your commercial project.