LED Lighting Solutions For Hospitality

Create An Inviting Hotel Atmosphere. Save Energy.

Low-voltage LED lighting solutions create a welcoming ambiance with the feeling of natural, energy efficient light that surpasses you and your hotel guests’ expectations for quality.

LumaStream’s flexible LED lighting systems can energize your hotel brand with dynamic color, provide optimally illuminated public spaces, and personalize guest rooms, creating a memorable experience for your guests. All this – while reducing your hotel’s energy consumption, operating costs, and environmental footprint.

Powered by LumaStream LED technology is more effective and more efficient than standard LED products, giving you better quality light and better bottom line results.

Featured projects:

Elevate hotel brand appeal

  • Dynamic lighting and scene control
  • Crisp, natural LED light with superior color rendering (CRI)
  • Variety of color temperature (CCT) options
  • Custom and retrofit LED fixture options

Enhance hotel guest experience

  • Programmable lighting scenes
  • Dynamic color-changing LED

Reduce building operations and maintenance (O&M)

  • Low-voltage distribution reduces infrastructure; fewer circuits, less conduit, and less labor
  • 80-85% energy savings on lighting typically (vs. incandescent)

Simplify lighting control

  • Whole hotel lighting control, zonal control, or individualized room control
  • Automated lighting scenes by time of day, use of space, or ambient daylight

Support sustainability practices

  • Meet or exceed green building and CA Title 24 standards
  • Eliminate mercury disposal fees (as required by fluorescent)

Receive the same stellar service you provide

  • 24/7 support for a better customer care experience before, during and after installation

LumaStream is an LED lighting solutions provider. We provide a holistic approach to LED lighting system design and integration, making it easy to realize the impeccable hotel environment you envision.