LED Lighting Solutions For House of Worship

When budgets, efficiency and control matter, LumaStream answers the call

Low-voltage LED lighting solutions create more than just light.  The value of the low-voltage lighting system offered by LumaStream to the house of worship market is far reaching.

We often say that LumaStream had “accidental success” in the HOW market and the reason for this is that the low-voltage system and DMX control platform solves so many issues being faced by integrators working in the HOW space.

LumaStream started out with basic recessed downlights in this market, with marginal success.  It wasn’t until the introduction of our high-bay gymnasium fixtures that the “light came on.”  The big challenge in the house of worship market isn’t just the quality of light, but also the work involved to perform simple maintenance.  Something as simple-seeming as a burned out light (or overheated ballast) can create a big distraction.   Because of our patented remote-power conversion, maintenance on these systems is performed in a controls closet or sound booth rather than with a lift or inside a ceiling.

In addition to the benefit of easy maintenance and more reliable systems, the lights over stages are typically significantly brighter than those over seating areas and with brightness comes excessive heat.

LumaStream’s flexible LED lighting systems provide direct integration with well known lighting control platforms in the industry and allow everything from low-level (and video flicker free) dimming to full color control over the RGBW spectrum.

Finally, systems using LumaStream LED technology is more effective and more efficient than standard LED products, giving you better quality light and better bottom line results.

Elevate the experience

  • Dynamic lighting and scene control
  • Crisp, natural LED light with superior color rendering (CRI)
  • Video-flicker free
  • Less heat over brightly-lit production areas
  • Immersive RGBW theatrical house light control