The LumaStream Intelligent Lighting System interfaces with a wide range of control software and hardware. Coupled with third-party controls, our enabling technology provides a comprehensive range of control options including:

  • Best-in-class dimming; flicker-free and low level (0.2% Trinity; >1% THEA 56)
  • Pre-programmed lighting scenes for white light and a full spectrum of color changing
  • Wireless interface through smart phones (e.g. Apple, Galaxy, Android, Blackberry…) and mobile devices such as iPads
  • Full control of interior and exterior lighting
  • Integration of the LumaStream system into smart home systems that encompass home theater, security, HVAC and peripheral appliances
  • Integration to occupancy sensors, photo-cells, timers and astronomical clocks
  • Simple, push-button, wall stations

LumaStream utilizes an open protocol for both 0-10V analog and DMX 512A to facilitate integration with a variety of third party control hardware.

















The addition of a converter module facilitates the bridging of RS 232 and/or IP to DMX 512A, enabling integration with virtually any third-party control system.

Please contact LumaStream, for further information on control options.