Restaurant LED Lighting Solutions

Improve Ambiance, Save Cost

The quality of light in a restaurant environment has a direct impact on customer experience, enjoyment, and loyalty. LED lighting design can transform a space – and the perception of the food and drink.

Crisp, white light with superior color rendering makes food more appetizing by highlighting color and texture. Lighting quality helps drive restaurant sales. Low-voltage LED lighting systems reduce energy use, operating expense, and your restaurant’s environmental footprint.

LumaStream provides a holistic approach to low-voltage power distribution for LED lighting system design and integration, giving you a simplified path from restaurant concept to realization.

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Create restaurant ambiance, enhance food appeal

  • High quality, crisp, white light with consistent color temperature
  • Vibrant color and dynamic color-changing LED for bold brand statements
  • Superior dimming capability

Eliminate costly maintenance

  • Driverless LEDs last longer – up to 50,000 hours

Simplify lighting control; no more dimmer banks

  • Automated lighting levels aligned to restaurant schedule
  • Photocells and occupancy sensors optimize light use
  • Prevents unnecessary energy waste

Reduce investment and operating expense

  • Low-voltage distribution reduces wiring infrastructure; fewer circuits, less conduit, and less labor
  • Improved system efficiency saves energy costs

Extend your green restaurant sustainability practices

  • Meet or exceed LEED for Retail and CA Title 24 standards
  • Make being green part of your culture and brand

Experience stellar service

  • 24/7 support for a better customer service before, during and after installation

Powered by LumaStream, LED technology is more effective and more efficient than standard LED products, giving you a better quality of light and better bottom line results.