LumaStream Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with Dobbs Stanford

This partnership represents the first widespread rollout of low voltage LED lighting systems sold through audio-visual integrators.
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St. Petersburg, FL, November 4, 2015. LumaStream, Inc. today announced a key strategic partnership with Dobbs Stanford, Corp. one of the nation’s largest and most successful audio/visual representative firms. Dobbs Stanford will be leveraging a network of 800 independent integrators to sell and install LumaStream lighting systems.

“LumaStream has reinvented LED lighting and revolutionized the business model for lighting. Dobbs Stanford Corporation is proud to have been selected to represent this outstanding company,” said Fred Dobbs, President and Owner. “Today’s LED lighting has been stuck on thick, expensive legacy wiring and energy wasting AC electrical installations made much the same way as the first AC installation in Buffalo New York in 1886…LumaStream’s disruptive technology is the wave of the future…providing even greater savings on power costs than just LED lights.”

LumaStream’s low voltage LED lighting installations bring savings and superior lighting control for homeowners and businesses. And, it brings fresh profitability for low voltage installers like professional AV contractors and CEDIA members, in addition to an equally disruptive business model for lighting design, sales and installation. LumaStream’s products have the added advantage of integrating with control systems from Crestron, Lutron, Control 4, Savant, Pharos and others that are common within the commercial and theatrical lighting industries.

“LumaStream will not only light up homes and businesses, it makes for a greener world. We are certain that within a very short time that LumaStream will be one of the largest product lines that we represent. LumaStream will change the lighting world, and we are thrilled to be in on it early,” stated Fred Dobbs.

The growth opportunity for commercial and low voltage integrators is compounded by new green energy legislation around the country which frequently require lighting controls, with functions like occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting, to be included in new building lighting systems. LED lighting, when paired with LumaStream’s low-voltage power and control systems, offer the single most energy efficient lighting solution available, presenting the most savings to clients and payback periods within a year, or sooner.

President and CEO of LumaStream, Eric Higgs, stated, “We have been positioning our technology as the significant disruptive force in the lighting industry. Our partnership with Dobbs Stanford clearly validates that we are well on our way to achieving this goal. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with a firm of such integrity, vision and success.”


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About Dobbs Stanford

Industry Leaders for over 40 years, our professional and knowledgeable staff strives to provide the most accurate and up to date representation and application support for the Professional and CEDIA™ audio/video industries. Assisting dealers, consultants and architects with project and application support, we pride ourselves on utilizing a comprehensive approach to solutions, leveraging our technical expertise and sales staff to provide award winning service. Our relationship with the top industry manufacturers means that our customers will get the best solution for their budget. That relationship with top manufacturers allows us to coordinate training, manage expectations and provide industry related information in support of dealers. With an in house technical staff, programming department and operations staff, we strive to be the one stop shop for audio and video equipment.

About LumaStream

LumaStream makes low-voltage LED lighting solutions that are truly efficient and highly controllable. We offer our unique, patented, digital power conversion platform paired with well-designed luminaires and open source control protocol to commercial, institutional, retail, and hospitality markets. We’re a fast-growing, creative company developing efficient systems with unprecedented results for energy savings, long-distance low-voltage power distribution, and smooth, continual dimming control to less than 1%. Our solutions are solid and our results compelling. We create a better lighting environment for our clients, and with our clients we create a better environment for all. LumaStream is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. Please visit