LumaStream Trinity DMX 6 Wins “Commercial Integrator” Product of the Year Award for Lighting

Low-voltage distribution for LEDs creates new opportunities for integrators
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St. Petersburg, FL (June 18, 2014) – “Commercial Integrator” today announced that LumaStream has won the 2014 Product of the Year award for lighting. The award recognizes the most noteworthy and innovative solutions for the commercial integration business and is selected by a panel of industry experts, integrators, and subject editors.

The Trinity DMX 6 was selected for its benefit to low-voltage integrators. Specifically, the Trinity offers the first end-to-end low-voltage wiring solution for commercial LED lighting. The LumaStream Trinity DMX makes it possible to control both power and lighting over a single, thin-gauge, Class 2 wire to the LEDs. This low-voltage distribution technology is the first significant move for LED lighting in the low-voltage space, giving low-voltage systems integrators a clear path to expand their product and application portfolios to include energy efficient LED lighting solutions.

“LumaStream is thrilled to receive this award and the recognition it conveys,” said Heather Evereth, vice president of sales and marketing. “We see tremendous growth potential with low-voltage integrators and look forward to developing new market opportunities with our low-voltage counterparts.”

The Trinity low-voltage lighting solution bridges the opportunity gap for commercial installers, as lighting has traditionally been the domain of high-voltage tradesmen like electrical contractors. The Trinity has the added advantage of integrating with control systems from Crestron, Lutron, and other common commercial and theatrical lighting control systems. Multiple Trinity DMX drivers can be daisy-chained together with Cat 5 cables so that integrators can power and control up to 120 LED fixtures from a single 20-amp circuit at 120V, or 300 fixtures on a 20-amp circuit at 277V.

The growth opportunity for commercial integrators is compounded by new green energy legislation around the country which frequently require lighting controls, with functions like occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting, to be included in new building lighting systems. LED lighting, when paired with low-voltage power and controls, offers the single most energy efficient lighting solution available, presenting the most savings to clients and payback periods within a year, or sooner.

The high-tech, low-voltage LED lighting market is on the verge of breaking through 130-year-old industry barriers to provide far more efficient lighting solutions than ever before. LED paired with low-voltage power and controls can reduce lighting costs by as much as 85%, and can save additional electricity consumption in the form of lower cooling costs due to lower heat emissions.

The LumaStream Trinity DMX 6 is the market’s first low-voltage, multi-channel distribution system for LED lighting. Low-voltage installers are eager to realize the revenue and profit center that LED lighting has promised, and the Trinity DMX is the key to capturing these new opportunities.


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