LumaStream Wins Sustainable Business of the Year Award from Earth Charter US

April 12, 2013

TAMPA, FL – The US Earth Charter presented LumaStream with the 2013 Sustainable Business of the Year Award during awards ceremony at the University of Tampa on Friday April 12.


The Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) recognize local for-profit businesses in the Tampa Bay area engaged in practices that increase economic opportunities and improve conditions for the environment, employees and community. A sustainable business focuses on the well-being of people, planet and profit while contributing to building a sustainable economy in Tampa Bay.


One of the businesses presented with this year’s award at the University of Tampa is LumaStream, a St. Pete based low-voltage LED lighting company. Lumastream CEO Eric Higgs was honored to receive the award.  “LumaStream encompasses the US Earth Charter’s ideals through our technology.  We offer low-voltage LED lighting solutions that have a low carbon footprint and are extremely energy efficient.  We are very proud to have received this important award from US Earth Charter ” said Higgs.


Award criteria and business evaluation was accomplished by UT MBA students under the guidance of Sykes College of Business faculty. SBA winners are businesses that make sustainable choices for their community, employees, health of our planet and the long-term stability and profitability of their businesses. They show that companies can be profitable while being conscious of the world and its people.  LumaStream, as well as the other SBA recipients, stand with the US Earth Charter in their commitment to people, planet, and profit.

About US Earth Charter: The US Earth Charter’s mission is to inspire, educate, and engage the people of the United States to bring the world together in a sustainable approach.  One way that they are achieving their goal is through their Sustainable Business Award. This award gives attention to companies striving for sustainability. The US Earth Charter believes that the world is hitting a tipping point where more businesses are seeing the point in a sustainable business approach.


About LumaStream:

LumaStream provides the lighting industry’s most innovative Intelligent LED Lighting Systems for commercial, residential, hospitality and exterior lighting applications.  LumaStream systems feature the only digital low-voltage DC power conversion and remote power technology achieving the most reliable, efficient, and controllable LED lighting systems in the industry. Our mission is to enhance the quality of the living environment. Through patented technology, a direct distribution model and strong industry partnerships, LumaStream is rapidly becoming a market leader of next generation LED Lighting Systems.  The company has offices in St. Petersburg, FL; Seattle, WA;  Washington, D.C.; Waterloo, ON, Canada, and Empfingern, Germany.


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