Minesh Patel Joins LumaStream Board of Directors

LumaStream Adds Might to Tackle New Market Strategies
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St. Petersburg, FL (October 28, 2014) – LumaStream today announced the addition of Mr. Minesh Patel to their Board of Directors. Minesh Patel is currently the CEO of PBP International, Inc., an international business development consultancy, and his experience will be invaluable as LumaStream develops its low-voltage distribution technology into new markets.

Patel’s broad experience includes his active role as a senior board member for an international mobile software start-up. The mobile application has been a disruptive technology in the mobile space, just as LumaStream’s Trinity power and control distribution system promises to be to the lighting industry. Patel will work to foster co-branding opportunities with manufacturers, territory franchising, and international distributorships.

Patel is also a Director for Business Development and Investor Relations for a private multinational group operating in four continents. He has invested in several tech start-up efforts, and has expertise in new market strategies for enabling technologies.

As a long time resident, Patel has strong ties to the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. He served as past President of Tampa West Rotary Club and Rotary GSE Ambassador, past Vice-Chairman of INDO-US Chamber of Commerce at Tampa Bay and current Board Member. He is also a charter member of TieCon Tampa Bay chapter and is a recipient of several community service and business achievement awards.

With the strength of a visionary Board of Directors, LumaStream is poised to position itself for large-scale projects with major hotel chains, large commercial buildings, and government projects such as schools, airports, and hospitals.

About LumaStream

LumaStream makes low-voltage LED lighting solutions that are truly efficient and highly controllable. We offer our unique, patented, digital power conversion platform paired with well-designed luminaires and open source control protocol to commercial, institutional, retail, and hospitality markets. We’re a fast-growing, creative company developing efficient systems with unprecedented results for energy savings, long-distance low-voltage power distribution, and smooth, continual dimming control to less than 1%. Our solutions are solid and our results compelling. We create a better lighting environment for our clients, and with our clients we create a better environment for all. LumaStream is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. Please visit www.lumastream.com.