Residential LED lighting designed specifically for the Low Voltage Integrator

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St. Petersburg Florida, July 25, 2016. – LumaStream, Inc. announces the introduction of a Residential LED lighting system designed specifically for low voltage integrators. The LumaStream residential system includes range of premium quality ‘fit and finish’ lighting fixtures and FCC Class B remote power supplies that are compatible with a wide range of control systems. The official launch of the new products will be at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas Texas from September 15th to 17th, booth #1117.
LumaStream’s low voltage LED lighting system provides new revenue possibilities for low voltage installers like professional AV contractors and CEDIA members. LumaStream’s products have the added advantage of integrating with control systems from Crestron, Lutron, Control 4, Savant, Pharos and others that are common within the residential, commercial and theatrical lighting industries.
The growth potential for commercial and low voltage integrators is compounded by new green energy legislation around the country which frequently requires lighting controls, with functions like occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting, to be included in new building lighting systems. LED lighting, when paired with LumaStream’s low-voltage power and control systems, offer the single most reliable and efficient energy efficient lighting solution available.
President and CEO of LumaStream, Eric Higgs, stated, “The benefits of the low voltage LumaStream system are perfectly aligned with the capabilities of AV/LV integrators. The alignment between product and integrator was a core element of the original vision we had when we started LumaStream.”
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About LumaStream

LumaStream makes low voltage LED lighting solutions that are truly efficient and highly controllable. We offer our unique, patented, digital power conversion platform paired with well-designed luminaires and open source control protocol to commercial, institutional, retail, and hospitality markets. We’re a fast-growing, creative company developing efficient systems with unprecedented results for energy savings, long-distance low voltage power distribution, and smooth, continual dimming control to less than 1%. Our solutions are solid and our results compelling. We create a better lighting environment for our clients, and with our clients we create a better environment for all. LumaStream is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. Please visit