Lumastream is marking the products specifically identified on this website pursuant to 35 U.S.C. §287(a) by associating each identified product with one or more patents to cover the product. If a product is not specifically identified on this website, it is not currently being so marked.

LumaStream’s intellectual property strategy is focused on five key aspects of our low-voltage lighting system as follows:


  • Smooth dimming to less than 1% over low-voltage cabling.

Power Conversion and Power Limiting

  • Safe transmission of power over low-voltage cabling.


  • Configurable Drive Currents.
  • Mapping of Power Channels.

Cable Management

  • Organization of electrical connections.
  • Distribution of power using multipair cabling.


  • Thermal management of heat in recessed down lights.
  • Connection of multiple fixtures to multiple power channels in track systems.


LumaStream has acquired numerous patents and is continuing to file patent applications in various countries and jurisdictions. Patents and patent applications include:

United States Canada Europe/ UK
  8,299,987   2,913,239   2475634
 8,525,446   2,564,659   14818736.2
  8,957,601   2,734,757
  9,078,310   2,767,457
  9,041,379   127922
  9,049,759   129957
  20160198541 A1