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Custom Lighting Solutions

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LumaStream: The World’s Most Controllable
Low Voltage LED Lighting System 


Trusted By Industry-Leading Engineers and Architects: The LumaStream Low Voltage System Is The Most Technologically-Advanced, Beautiful, Reinvention of Light As We Know It.

LumaStream is a proven leader in multiple industries, including residential and multiple commercial vertical markets.  Low-voltage LED lighting is more than just an energy-savings solution.  The LumaStream low-voltage LED lighting system is the most controllable lighting system in the industry.

The Impact of LumaStream of The Restaurant Industry

Until recently, “lighting design” for a restaurant often consisted of simply flooding the space with maximum light.  But with the introduction of more stringent energy regulations and a new trend towards branding with more flexible LEDs, restaurateurs have increasingly turned towards smarter lighting design.

  • Smarter Design
  • Branded Color Matching
  • Easier Maintenance
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