Project Description

Skylark AV has been providing A/V systems integration services to houses of worship and universities across America for over 13 years. Based in Oklahoma City, Skylark recently constructed a new energy efficient headquarters to accommodate their growth, and LumaStream advanced low-voltage LED lighting fixtures were used throughout the facility in every department. After equipping the offices, lobby, tech work surfaces and warehouse area with LumaStream, the entire facility has become a highly effective showcase for the pleasing, natural hue and dimming ratio that make these advanced low-voltage LEDs such a compelling choice. Based on the enthusiastic response of clients visiting the headquarters, Skylark realized the goldmine of an opportunity that a LumaStream lighting system represents.

Once the Skylark AV techs had completed the lighting installation in the new facility, they acknowledged that the labor and material costs had been reduced significantly. Where line-voltage lighting requires a licensed contractor to pull copper wire from each fixture location to a dedicated panel, a LumaStream system utilizing remote drivers (that can be secured almost anywhere) connects to the fixtures with affordable 18-gauge wire and is versatile as well as magnificently efficient–a top priority as Skylark sought to maintain a low-energy footprint. Most importantly, LumaStream lighting has been engineered as a complete solution for A/V integrators, reducing and at times eliminating the need for a licensed electrician. With LumaStream, A/V integrators have an opportunity to provide their clients with a best-in-class end-to-end lighting system that can be intuitively controlled by all popular platforms.


A LumaStream lighting system will often reduce installation labor requirements by about half from what is typically anticipated when dealing with a line voltage solution… “And that…” integrators say, “has made all the difference.” In order to fully appreciate the magnitude of potential savings here, Skylark’s Steele Beaty emphasized that “understanding on paper how the LumaStream system worked wasn’t nearly as impactful as the hands-on experience of completing the installation here at our new headquarters. It has helped us learn how to bid effectively and win projects. After the install, it was like … ah-ha! This is going to be the future of our business.” Since their HQ was completed, Skylark AV has gone on to win and install multiple projects and grow other areas of their business as a result of having been brought in to the construction cycle sooner as a lighting contractor. “Once our network of specifiers grasped what we were doing with LumaStream, they started bringing us in to the process earlier, effectively giving our team more opportunity for influence over the whole project”

When asked how they might advise other integrators just getting started with LumaStream, Beaty added: “Stay with it, and leverage the high-level support that LumaStream offers to their specialists. They can help you get a feel for how to bid for your labor, and your entire team needs to really understand how much easier this system is to install than traditional lighting. Amazingly, you’ll have an entire lighting system on the grid in a matter of hours instead of days.” Other significant benefits to the LumaStream system are a growing array of superior fixture styles and form factors that include ultra-slim pancake fixtures ideal for when space is tight. Using remote drivers, the actual fixture can be wafer thin, giving integrators so many options for application.

Skylark also spoke the praises of LumaStream’s design team, capable of importing a CAD drawing or sketch into sophisticated modeling software, enabling the integrator to be proactive in the design process about balanced lighting and brightness. Integrators can show documented proof of concept as well, which inspires confidence with the client and helps win bids. Steele Beaty added, “Overall, LumaStream is an exceptional vendor partner offering innovative and reliable products, excellent lighting design services and technical support. I think they would be the ideal choice for any A/V integrator stepping into the lighting category for the first time.”

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