Gorgeous Light. Dramatic Cost Savings.

C1 Bank showcases an innovative approach to a productive workplace with an elegant LumaStream Intelligent LED Lighting System. The clean, bright 4K LED recessed lights for general illumination are complemented by the sleek LED rail design. The energy efficiency and maximum environment control with smooth dimming exemplifies the key features now offered by LumaStream.

“The new headquarters has no offices, and is outfitted with interchangeable desks to maximize collaboration, speed of decision making and communication”, said Trevor Burgess, C1 Bank CEO. The design drew inspiration from the headquarters of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, JetBlue, Google and Facebook, the statement said. The project was featured in a press release in the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

C1 Bank headquarters

Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Photography: Michael Rixon
Installation: Beesley Electric