Lighting Exhibition Space with LED

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

“The real strength of our LumaStream system is not only the low energy consumption, but also the drama it creates in the exhibition space.” 
~ Scooter Bontly, Facilities Director at Florida Holocaust Museum


The Florida Holocaust Museum was looking for an energy efficient alternative for lighting their primary exhibition space. They wanted to reduce their electricity bills and reduce maintenance costs. The museum received a grant from the State of Florida to make lighting improvements and was looking for a solution that would:

  • Lower their electric bills
  • Reduce costs and effort of lighting maintenance
  • Provide a solution that would accommodate a frequently changing exhibition space


LumaStream’s design team developed a solution that reduced energy consumption by 50% over their previous conventional lighting solution. Our lighting designers created an environment that suits the drama of the space, that could also be adapted to the clients needs.

 “We are saving about 50% on our electric bills with the new system. Our AC isn’t working nearly as hard as it did to cool the space”
~ Scooter Bontly, Facilities Director, FHM

Energy and Maintenence Savings

  • Reduced breaker count by 85%
  • Currently saving approximately 50% over previous year electric bills
  • AC runs noticeably less hard, and less frequently
  • Zero LED failures to date since the installation

Design Drama

  • LumaStream’s lighting design added drama to the exhibition space
  • LEDs were able to effectively light a piece as small as a book from 50 feet
  • Now have true deep dimming capabilities that function with no flicker

“LumaStream’s lighting is more atmospheric in the space. We are able to light small objects from a greater distance than ever before, keeping visitors’ eyes on the work we are displaying and adding a sense of drama.”
~ Scooter Bontly, Facilities Director, FHM