Upscale, Controllable, Efficient LED

We knew we wanted to go forward with LEDs, and we had found a solution. But as it turned out, LumaStream, provided us with the solution. They provided the best looking, most reliable, most efficient, LED lighting we could find. They also installed it quickly, and updated our digital control capabilities. It was a no brainer.” ~ Davin Driskill, Vice President Hotel Division at The Bernstein Companies

Background | Challenges

The Courtyard® Marriott® Washington Embassy Row, an established hotel in Washington D.C., was about to undergo a major renovation to their lobby and surrounding spaces, including their business center, conference room, lounge and market place.  Lighting was going to be a big part of the renovation.  Not only did they want to incorporate new energy efficient lighting but they also wanted discrete and continuous lighting level control of the newly renovated spaces.  Prior to our engagement, the space had been lit using a combination and variety of incandescent and fluorescent lamps. This mix-matched lighting caused maintenance difficulties, and produced poor quality lighting.

The LED lighting was a store bought lighting kit with unattractive fixture design, poor lighting quality, no variation in beam spread and did not project the luxury ambiance of a Courtyard Marriott hotel.

Benefits | Features and Functions

The LumaStream team designed an LED low-voltage lighting solution that added system controllability with automated and override functions, long-term reliability, and dramatically reduced energy consumption, while also providing an upscale environment consistent with the Courtyard Marriott brand.

  • Designed LED lighting environment with the quality of light consistent with Courtyard Marriott upscale brand
  • Installed a control system that manages multiple zones at varying levels, within lobby and adjacent amenity areas, all independently and continuously.
  • Reduced maintenance headaches with 2x the lamp life of the previously specified system. Reduced energy consumption for the location
  • Provided the best available system reliability to support “always on” 24/7 operation

How We Did It

Because of our low-voltage, intuitively controlled, and thoughtful design approach, we were able to meet – and exceed – the requirements of the Courtyard Marriott hotel.

  • Per code, 25% of the hotel’s lobby existing lights were on a backup generator. With our low-voltage solution, we were able to connect all lights to the existing generator, so that the entire lobby will remain lit in the event of a power outage.
  • Digital lighting control with multiple “scenes” allows for discrete and continuous control of every light in every space. Override controls were also provided so that light levels can be adjusted manually.
  • User-friendly control systems:  Six scenes that dim from sunrise to sunset, with different levels for various zones, are managed automatically by control system.(Combine with above?)
  • We added line voltage items into the control system to incorporate some of their signature fixtures – lamps and pendant lighting – that existed in their current design. All of which can be managed by a single control system.
  • We used both wide and narrow optics versus the single generic floodlight they had initially spec’d. This created a higher-end design look throughout the space.
Lighting Fixtures: – (82) 401 4″ Recessed LED Downlights with a variety of beam spreads – (14) Canopy Mount R3, LED Projection Lights – (3) Trinity 6 DMX Intelligent Power Supplies
Location: Washington DC
Year: 2013
Photography: Michael Rixon
Installation: Post Electrical & Mechnical, LLC