LED Lighting in Assisted Living

The Grand Villa Assisted Living Facility in St. Petersburg, Florida, needed a new lighting package for resident spaces, offices, and common areas. They called upon LumaStream because they were wanted to find an energy efficient LED lighting design that would best serve their senior resident population .


  • Uniform lighting with a comfortable, residential feel
  • Bright common spaces for accommodate senior population
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improve safety
  • Add controllability
  • Reduce operating costs


We installed our low-voltage LED system in the facility and returned the following results.


  • Saves an estimated $3000 annually (independent survey) compared to high-voltage LED originally specified and significantly more over conventional lighting options
  • Reduces energy usage by 48% compared to high-voltage LED originally specified and significantly more over conventional lighting options (independent survey)
  • New control system that integrates with:
    • Occupancy sensors with various ramp up times, based on time of day
    • Daylight harvesting technology that maintains consistent and constant light levels in common areas
  • Virtually no maintenance required for the system since it’s installation
  • A look and feel that residents and executives feel is making a difference, reflecting the quality of care in the facility