Perfecting the Performance and Efficiency of LED

“The lighting reflects the concept of the store, and offers a seamless experience for the customer, just as it should.” ~ Terry Ryan President and CEO of Carmel Café


Carmel Kitchen and Wine Bar (formerly Carmel Café) is a growing, modern Mediterranean restaurant chain that is embracing the latest technology. When you visit you’ll view an interactive menu, and place your order on an electronic tablet. The tablet also lets you summon a server for an additional beverage, or to request your check at the end of the night. The owners are also committed to energy efficient technology throughout their restaurant, from minimizing the energy load of kitchen appliances to choosing an energy efficient LED lighting system. Their brand concept employs very low light levels and the LumaStream LED lighting system allows for discrete dimming of nearly every individual fixture. This flexibility allows for lighting adjustments for over custom artwork as well as individual tables, whether the table is in a dark corner, near artwork, or by a window.


Carmel Kitchen and Wine Bar is a rapidly growing chain restaurant needed an energy efficient LED lighting solution that will be consistent and reliable as they expand their brand. Prior to our engagement with them, they were sold on the promise of LED. However, they found that their existing LED lighting was not meeting expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and consistency. Common problems included glitchy flickering when dimming, fixture power surges, and pre-mature LED failures.

• Create lighting design consistent with the brand. Lower light, sophisticated Mediterranean, relaxed and comfortable
• Develop lighting control system that consistent from location to location and easily repeatable to meet growth
• Support the company’s energy efficiency initiatives
• Improve LED performance in new locations.
• Better dimming without flicker in low lighting
• Reduce failures, LEDs not lasting as long as promised
• Eliminate fixture power surges


Provide low-voltage power distribution technology that improves efficiency and performance the LED lighting. Develop a control protocol that automates lighting scenes, reuse that effort to streamline installations in future locations. The Altamonte Springs, Florida location is their 6th in the chain, and their first store to install LumaStream’s low- voltage power distribution system to power their LEDs.

• Focused, low-light design highlights color and texture of food and wine
• Flicker-free dimming to .2% for seamless lighting changes throughout day
• Surge protection, control, and distribution in central location
• Digital control allows for discrete dimming of as many zones as they desired on the fly


“LumaStream created control zones and areas within the restaurant, making it much easier to keep lighting consistent after it was all set up. Once it’s done, it’s done.” ~ Terry Ryan | President and Founding Partner | Carmel Cafe

Carmel Kitchen and Wine Bar has an energy efficient, low-maintenance, and highly controllable lighting solution and a lighting design that meets the needs of their brand.

• Lower energy bills than other LED installs, even with larger footprint
• Pre-programmed lighting control plan for new locations
• A lighting partnership that emphasizes improving performance and efficiency as the chain grows
• Branded lighting that delivers the same sensory experience in every store, even with variations in windows, artwork placement, and store layout

Lighting System: Crestron Control System
Location: Altamonte Springs, FL
Year: 2014
Photography: Mike Payne Photography
Designer: Daniela Marginean-Littell
Installation: TWT Restaurant Design, Construction & Development