Lighting A Dynamic Fan Experience

FANFARE Eatery is one of the first 100% LED restaurants in the U.S. The leaner and greener concept from the founders of the successful Glory Days Grill chain, FANFARE Eatery wanted to dial up the fan experience while dialing down the cost of operating and maintaining the general lighting. Dynamic color changing lighting creates a memorable, themed environment, while the 100% LED solution dramatically reduced energy consumption and cut installation cost.

Project highlights:

  • Custom, color-changing LED lighting on exterior awning and in dining room
  • Single, compact control station for general lighting and color-changing lighting
  • Remote drivers digitally convert AC power to DC, provide constant current, and send power plus dimming control signals to LEDs
  • Lighting scenes programmed on-site in a single day from an iPad


  • Lighting energizes the fan experience
  • Independent energy audit shows 79% energy savings and 30% decrease in HVAC load
  • Lowest electricity usage per square foot of any FANFARE location
  • Dramatically reduced maintenance cost and time
  • Green restaurant attracts loyal patrons and employees
Lighting System: LumaStream® Intelligent Interior and Exterior LED Lighting Systems
Lighting Fixtures: The Puck, 4 in Recessed, R4 Custom Rail Lights, Custom exterior RGB Lights
Location: Fanfare Eatery®, Fairfax , VA
Photography: Russ Hirshon MT
Installation: Cuffy Electric