Branded Lighting Creates Consistent Ambiance Store-to-Store

“The quality of the light output and capabilities of the system make it worth it even without the savings.”
~ Tim Vining, President of Unit Development for PDQ

PDQ restaurants wanted to design a lighting environment that offered a comfortable and welcoming dining atmosphere. With goals of improving energy efficiency and refining in store visuals, PDQ wanted to standardize on LED lighting.  PDQ did not want to sacrifice their branded environment, so existing lighting fixtures, which used various lighting technologies, needed to be converted to fit LED and our energy efficient low-voltage LED solution.  This solution needed to be reliable and offer a single system for both power and control to lighting fixtures.

LumaStream provided several, new custom LED fixtures with driverless design and advanced heat sink engineering to reduce ambient temperature. LumaStream also retrofitted original architectural fixtures to work with our unique low-voltage distribution platform for LEDs. Power and control are carried on the same low-voltage wire to the LED fixtures, giving PDQ new lighting control capabilities. Added features include: smooth dimming, centralized system control, and six automated lighting scenes to optimize ambiance throughout the day. The PDQ system is supported by LumaStream’s 24/7 customer service for troubleshooting, including remote software solutions when necessary.

Our lighting plan included these new features:

  • LumaStream’s  design offers a “branded lighting” environment, which provides lighting consistency for a more seamless customer experience from store-to-store
  • Six “lighting scenes” were developed to change automatically throughout the day using ambient light sensors (cloudy, dusk, or evening), or with a simple touch of a button (arrive, open, closing, leave). Each scene has been carefully considered to optimize ambiance for customers. Automation of the lighting scenes improves efficiency and cost of management
  • The lighting scene program can be updated with a simple change to software, handled either remotely via a secure internet connection or on-site.
  • Smooth, fluid, and flicker-free dimming means barely noticeable transitions as lighting changes subtly – over 10 seconds – rather than the more jarring transitions of older systems
  • Lighting can be ‘dialed-in’ with control possible at each fixture, rather than cruder lighting control zones across several fixtures, for a cleaner, more refined lighting experience
  • Centralized dimming control paired with a control system eliminated a large wall panel which saves installation time, energy costs and wall space
  • Improved lighting quality and uniformity ratios versus traditional sources creates a calming work environment, and inviting atmosphere for customers
  • Easy to manage, low cost, security improvements outside of business hours

The LumaStream low voltage lighting system reduced costs and maintenance time while maximizing the customer experience.

Cost Savings and Added Efficiency for Client:

  • Low-voltage wiring and pared-down electrical infrastructure significantly reduced installation time for faster store openings, which is crucial to the speed of broadening the PDQ footprint nationwide
  • PDQ stores will save more than 50% in wattage usage energy costs over original lighting package which was a mix of LED, fluorescent and traditional fixtures
  • Low-voltage wiring reduced number of circuits required for electrical infrastructure, which lowers installation costs
  • LumaStream system carries power and control over same class 2, low-voltage wire; this eliminates need for secondary control wiring and further reduces labor
  • 24-hour service and support including remote software support
  • Off-site control using remote management and troubleshooting
  • Seamless reliability, as system had zero failures to date
  • Little to no on-site storage required for bulb replacements due to fewer bulb types and length of LED bulb life, and system reliability

LumaStream’s low voltage LED lighting solution has gone beyond performance expectations, while still providing exceptional savings for PDQ restaurants.

“The communication from LumaStream and their ability to adapt our architectural fixture package as promised was a refreshing surprise.”
~ Tim Vining, President of Unit Development for PDQ