Simple, Clean, and Delicious LED Lighting Design

Yogurtology launched in Florida in 2012 with a mission to set itself apart from the crowd. By bringing together the art and science of yogurt and realizing that vision in their modernist store designs, they created a new frozen yogurt experience unlike anything before them. The LED lighting design was a key component.

Project highlights:

  • Crisp, 4000K white light casts a bright, clear ambiance
  • Remote power supplies convert and send DC power over class 2 wiring to light fixtures
  • Driverless LED light downlights for optimal thermal management and reliability
  • Overcame renovation challenges by using class 2 wire where conduit or MC cable could not go


  • Yogurtology’s brand image represented in the LED lighting design
  • Heightened product appeal with crisp, clean, directed light
  • Simplified installation and reduced electrical infrastructure
  • Lowered cost of store operation