• LED Analog Power Supply: Trinity 6/12 (12 Zone)

    The LumaStream Trinity 3-in-1 platform combines digital power conversion, constant current drivers, and superior dimming control into one cohesive LED power supply. The LumaStream core processor maximizes the efficiency of AC/DC power conversion at multiple stages, providing remarkably high power efficiency maintained across a wide range of dimming levels.

    Key Features:
    • Powers LED luminaires up to 150’ from driver
    • Up to 12 independent control channels
    • 0-10V lighting control
    • Smooth, reliable, deep dimming to 0.2%
    • Flicker-free video at all dimming levels
    • Drive currents from 350 mA to 1000 mA
    • Up to 243 watts total output power
    • 87% efficiency rating
    • Digital AC/DC power conversion
    • Centralized surge protection
    • Reduces heat at fixture; protecting LEDs
    • UL listed; RoHS compliant
  • LED DMX Power Supply: Trinity 6

    Featuring Engineered LED Power®, the Trinity 6 DMX Power Supply is the first fully digitally controlled power source for Solid State Lighting application providing the ultimate in energy efficiency performance and flexibility capable of driving and dimming up to 72 high power LEDs.

    Key Features:
    • Up to 12 independent control channels
    • Ideal for 600mA to 1400mA high power LED applications
    • Best-in Class, Smooth 0.2% to 100% dimming technology