• LED Analog Power Supply: Trinity 6/12 (12 Zone)

    The LumaStream Trinity 3-in-1 platform combines digital power conversion, constant current drivers, and superior dimming control into one cohesive LED power supply. The LumaStream core processor maximizes the efficiency of AC/DC power conversion at multiple stages, providing remarkably high power efficiency maintained across a wide range of dimming levels.

    Key Features:
    • Powers LED luminaires up to 150’ from driver
    • Up to 12 independent control channels
    • 0-10V lighting control
    • Smooth, reliable, deep dimming to 0.2%
    • Flicker-free video at all dimming levels
    • Drive currents from 350 mA to 1000 mA
    • Up to 243 watts total output power
    • 87% efficiency rating
    • Digital AC/DC power conversion
    • Centralized surge protection
    • Reduces heat at fixture; protecting LEDs
    • UL listed; RoHS compliant