LumaStream has done the rebate research for you. Below you’ll see a short list of Florida green building incentive programs organized by location and provider. This is not meant to be a complete list of all available rebates, and you should follow up with our team, or with your energy company for more details. However, we hope this will make you aware of potential incentives available that can save you money on your next building project.

Tampa Bay: Duke Energy

Energy efficiency rebate programs for businesses are offered for both new construction and retrofit projects. Before receiving rebates, one must complete a Business Energy Check. This helps show where you can make the most difference in energy savings and once completed you will be given custom recommendations on the opportunities available to you. Furthermore, to qualify for energy efficiency programs for new construction projects, a consultation with one of their Energy Advisors is required before installation.

The requirements and possible rebates for the areas under which LumaStream products qualify are listed below with an example to go along with each category.

Occupancy Sensors for Indoor Lighting

  • Requirements
    • Manual override must offer the ability to turn lights off when space is occupied
    • Occupancy sensors shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations and specifications
    • Wall and box or wall- or ceiling-mounted sensors must be hard-wired and control interior lighting fixtures
    • Plug load occupancy sensors do not qualify
  • Rebates offered up to 50% of total project cost
  • All required documentation must be submitted to your Energy Advisor within one year of the date of the invoice or Certificate of Occupancy

Example: an office space of 10,000 square feet, or 250 4-lamp F40 fixtures (based on 192 watts per fixture and 2,080 hours of operation), would need approximately 9-wall mount and 32 ceiling-mount sensors. Assuming 30% reduction in hours of use, the sensors would save approximately $2,097 a year and with the estimated $2,400 rebate, achieve a simple payback of less than two years.

Indoor Lighting Upgrades

  • LED lighting is eligible
  • For new construction, to be eligible for rebates your total project rating must be 10% more efficient than the Florida Building Energy Code
  • Must use electronic ballasts for upgrades
  • Rebates offered up to 50% of total project cost
  • All required documentation must be submitted to your Energy Advisor within one year of the date of the invoice or Certificate of Occupancy

Example: upgrading from 250 T-8 with electronic ballasts to 22-watt LED lighting will save $3,000 annually and earn up to $500 for an upgrade rebate. (Assumptions: 3,000 hours of use, $0.10 per kWh).

Tampa Bay: Tampa Electric

Tampa Electric offers the following rebates under the Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate program:

  • Rebates by fixture:
    • LED exit sign: $25/unit
    • Lighting occupancy sensors: $25/unit
    • Lighting: $175/kW reduction
  • Equipment must be installed by a pre-approved contractor
  • Steps to participate for lighting and occupancy sensor programs:
    • Submit the following application with all required documents
    • TECO will notify you whether or not you qualify and you may be subject to an on-site pre-verification
    • Once approved, work is allowed to proceed
    • Once complete, notify TECO for post-verification and submit copy of paid invoice
    • Rebate check will be processed once program guidelines are met

Orlando: Orlando Utilities Commission

Orlando Utilities Commission offers a Commercial & Industrial Custom Incentive Program that provides financial incentives to businesses that install energy efficient upgrades in their facilities. The specific incentives for the program include:

  • $250 per kW up to $50,000 per project or up to $100,000 per customer
  • $150 per kW for projects that consist of only lighting improvements

This program is open to facilities located within OUC’s service area that receive electric service under an OUC commercial rate.

In order to participate in this program you must follow these steps:

  • Submit a project application available here.
  • Set up on site inspections & meetings with OUC to go over the proposed project
  • Receive OUC project approval and incentive funding commitment
  • Follow any Measurement and Verification (M&V) steps that must be completed before installation
  • Submit installation report
  • Perform post-installation M&V
  • Document the kW and kWh savings
  • Schedule on-site inspections to confirm installation & results


Jacksonville: JEA

JEA offers rebates for lighting equipment through InvestSmart Business Energy Upgrades. The amount of the rebate depends on the amoutn and type of lighting installed. In order to be eligible the lighting must meet the following requirements:

  • Equipment must be new and follow code regulations
  • Equipment may be for new construction or retrofit projects
  • Replaced equipment must be disposed of properly under local, state and federal codes and may not be re-installed
  • Rebates available for up to 50% of customer cost with a cap of $75,000 per customer per program year


Find out how LumaStream can help you meet the requirements for these incentives.