LumaStream, Inc. is based in Florida, but we have customers nationwide. From coast-to-coast, utility companies are encouraging energy efficiency by offering cash incentives. We’ve done research on those rebates and incentives, and are sharing a list of green building incentive programs available in a few major markets around the US. We will keep adding to the list as we learn of new incentives. We’ve also complied a list of Florida green energy rebates for your reference.

If you would like more information about the available rebates for LED lighting, be sure to follow up with your energy company, or talk to a LumaStream representative about how our system can help you qualify for these rebates, and save you money over time. We hope this will make you aware of potential incentives available that can save you money on your next building project.

Seattle, WA: Seattle City Light

Seattle wants to make it easy and efficient for Commercial businesses to reduce electricity use and save money with their commercial energy efficiency rebate programs. The incentives they offer can range as high as 70% of the installation cost. In their program called The Works, a whole building lighting program, where the customer may receive 15% more funding for replacing all of the inefficient lighting in their facility and 30% more funding if they add occupancy sensors and beat the 2012 Satellite Energy Code interior lighting by 10%. All incentives must be approved before the installation and Incentive amounts are finalized at time of contract.


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Salt Lake City, UT:  Rocky Mountain Power

In Salt Lake City, to be qualified for rebates, LED fixtures must be approved by a 3rd party energy efficiency agency such as Energy Star, Design Lights, or Lighting Design Lab. To qualify for the Fin Answer Express incentive, interior lighting must be 10% more efficient than code. With this incentive you can receive a rebate of $75 per occupancy sensor and $100 per Outdoor/Roadway LED fixture. For the Salt Lake City high-efficacy lighting retrofit incentive you can receive a rebates for LED recessed downlight, LED parking garage fixtures, LED high and low bay fixtures. Prequalification is required for rebates. The maximum incentive is 70% of project cost.

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Raleigh, NC: Duke Energy

Are you a smart saver? You want to save money on on electricity with more efficient lighting? Well Raleigh has a program called Smart $aver Incentive just for you with commercial incentives of $50,000 per fiscal year, per facility for all eligible efficient technologies combined. With this incentive you can get a rebate for $10 for an Energy star LED bulb, $15 for an Energy Star LED downlight, and $35 for a LED track lighting fixture. All equipment must meet certain efficiency standards to qualify for rebates. You can check out those standards on their website.

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Atlanta, GA: Georgia Power

Keeping up with the energy efficiency trend, Georgia Power provides a Commercial Energy Efficiency Program with a maximum incentive of $25,000 per building per year or up to 50% of project cost. In order to qualify for this incentive, your LED fixtures must be on the Energy Star, Design Lights Consortium, or Lighting Design Lab list of approved products. Other LED fixtures may qualify but will need to be pre-approved. All applications must be submitted within 90 days of project completion to qualify for rebate program.

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More Cities in the US

We’ve listed just a few of the incentives available around the country. If you didn’t see your city listed here, check out the US Department of Energy’s overview of financial incentives.


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