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Components of the LumaStream Low-Voltage LED Lighting Solution


LumaStream Components

LumaStream Intelligent Power Supply      
Manages digital power conversion and control

Driverless LED fixture       
Most reliable, efficient, and longest lasting, LED lighting fixture

Break-out Module  
Simplifies wiring connections from control to fixtures

Lighting Control System Partner Components

Lighting Control System
The brains of your lighting system. This may include a DMX distribution system, like a CueServer from Interactive Technologies or another brand. The LumaStream Intelligent Power Supply  is compatible with a number of systems.  Find compatible control systems.

Occupancy Sensors    
Lighting control saves energy with auto shut off in unoccupied spaces

Photo Cell
Measure ambient light levels and communicate with system to adjust light levels

Control devices  
These include Wired touchpads, WiFi devices, touch panels, basically any smart device can be programmed depending on the control system you select

System Cables (recommended)

  • 110v Power Cable for line voltage (can be hardwired, or power cord)
  • Shielded 18/2 AWG multi-conductor (Honeywell #1214 or equivalent) for low-voltage
  • DMX Output Cable (CAT5e or better)
  • Control Cabling (brand specific)

Additional Components/Definitions

AC Mains        
Main connection to AC power

AC Disconnect      
Switch to disconnect power