Why Low Voltage Lighting by LumaStream?

LumaStream is an LED lighting company that has created a better way to manage low voltage power distribution, providing the most sustainable and intelligent LED lighting solutions on the market today. We saw an inherent weakness in the industry’s current approach and resolved it.

Energy Efficiency Beyond the Bulb

After seven generations, the lighting industry has finally moved on from the incandescent light bulb. While letting go of the old ‘arc and spark’ is a step towards a greener future, there is more work to be done beyond the bulb.

LumaStream engineers developed an innovative digital power conversion and low voltage distribution technology that is revolutionizing the lighting industry. Our patented system provides the missing piece for truly energy efficient and controllable LED lighting for commercial, residential, hospitality, restaurant, military, banking, and retail lighting applications.


Here’s a little background on the problem:

The light fixtures in most buildings today were made to power bulbs conceived during the Industrial Revolution. This high voltage infrastructure was necessary in the past, but today’s low consumption LEDs actually require low voltage power to operate.

The industry had to make a decision about how to manage the conversion from high-power line voltage to low voltage to power these low voltage lights. Their solution, which many consider a “stopgap” measure, is to keep line voltage “Edison” infrastructure, and have each LED bulb manage the power conversion.

Issues with the above “Solution”:

  • Massively Inefficient
  • Harmful to the Environment
  • Unnecessarily Hazardous

Line voltage AC power is converted to low voltage DC power by a circuit board housed inside each and every LED fixture. That extra circuitry isn’t necessary with a true low power solution. And the same added electronics inside each bulb are also the most likely thing to fail in these “stopgap” bulbs. That’s one major reason LED bulbs don’t reach their 50,000+ hours of useful life.

Every time power is converted from one form to another, some is lost. There’s waste. When converting to LED bulbs, and keeping line voltage, power is converted at every fixture. That means unnecessarily compounded waste on a large scale. We convert power once and let our LEDs perform their intended function, lighting your space.

And where’s the potential danger? That lost power turns to heat. Heat compromises not only the circuitry inside the LED fixture, but the housing too – causing arcs, sparks. Beyond the rare occurrence of fire, that extra heat can lead to the premature failure of the LED and its driver.

We Can Do Better

LumaStream has a better solution. Efficient. Safe. Logical. We say, address the problem once, at the source. The benefits of this solution are clear. It creates a reliable, effective system, reduces your carbon footprint, and offers you additional benefits that other lighting solutions can’t provide.

  • Commercial lighting consumes 19% of U.S. electricity. Our LED lighting solution reduces that by 85% or more over traditional sources.
  • Our driverless LED fixtures eliminate waste inside each bulb and are more likely to reach the end of their 50,000-hour lifespan.
  • We provide centralized low-voltage power distribution for dozens of LED fixtures up to 150 ft. from the driver.
  • 50,000-hour fixtures mean less waste (and less maintenance).
  • Low power use means less heat output, lower HVAC costs.
  • We use safe, simple, speaker wire rather than heavy gauge wiring that also requires MC cable or electrical conduit.
  • LEDs eliminate the mercury waste of their predecessors.
  • Simplified installation, minimal infrastructure, low maintenance, and lower upfront costs followed by ongoing energy savings.
  • A holistic system backed by LumaStream’s 24/7 customer support before, during, and after installation.

LumaStream Low Voltage Lighting: A Logical Approach

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