Industry Firsts By LumaStream

Industry Firsts By LumaStream We believe low-voltage power distribution is the future of LED lighting. To realize that vision, we’ve accomplished a number of significant industry firsts: First to distribute low-voltage, DC power over class 2, 18 gauge wire; we pre-dated power over Ethernet (POE) attempts which suffer from distance limitations on cat5 cable First to [...]

Six Ways to Save with a Low Voltage LED Solution from LumaStream

Six Ways to Save with a Low Voltage LED Solution from LumaStream 1. Competitive System Cost While one of the most common concerns pertaining to the installation of an LED lighting system is the upfront cost, LumaStream customers have actually found the installation process to cost the same - oftentimes less, than other lighting systems. Our low [...]

LumaStream Technology Advantages

LumaStream Technology Advantages We offer a number of key advantages over current LED lighting technology: Driverless LED light fixtures Onboard drivers are identified as number one failure source in LED luminaires by U.S. DOE. Instead, LumaStream powers and controls LEDs remotely. Intelligent power supply runs up to 24 fixtures from up to 200 ft. away [...]

Effective & Efficient LED Lighting

Effective & Efficient LED Lighting LumaStream’s solution is more energy efficient, simpler to install, and more easily controlled than any other LED lighting system on the market. Unlike other LED companies, our patented system uses thin gauge, Class 2 wire to carry low voltage power to LED fixtures. The same wire also fully controls and dims [...]