Industry Firsts By LumaStream

We believe low-voltage power distribution is the future of LED lighting. To realize that vision, we’ve accomplished a number of significant industry firsts:

  • First to distribute low-voltage, DC power over class 2, 18 gauge wire; we pre-dated power over Ethernet (POE) attempts which suffer from distance limitations on cat5 cable
  • First to digitally transform power from AC to DC and send clean DC power up to 200 ft. from source to fixture; to date, no other manufacturer has been able to distribute DC power over 18-gauge wire that distance
  • First to create driverless LED fixtures; removing the weakest link in an LED lighting system
  • First to send both power and control signals over a single class 2 wire
  • First to create a smooth dimming curve from 100% to 0.2% light output; lower than humanly perceptible but key to visually natural transitions from on to off
  • First to earn U.S. patents on the above technology
The LED lighting transformation is well underway. We offer a clear path forward with an inventive design that makes sense for business, and the planet.

Enjoy exceptional light quality, reliability, energy efficiency, infrastructure savings, and configurable control with LumaStream Low-Voltage, Intelligent LED Lighting Systems™.