LumaStream Technology Advantages

We offer a number of key advantages over current LED lighting technology:

  • Driverless LED light fixtures
    Onboard drivers are identified as number one failure source in LED luminaires by U.S. DOE. Instead, LumaStream powers and controls LEDs remotely.
  • Intelligent power supply runs up to 24 fixtures from up to 150 ft. away
    Our Trinity 3-in-1 platform combines digital power conversion, constant current drivers, and dimming control into one power supply capable of up to 246 watts.
  • Reduced electrical infrastructure
    Low voltage, plug-and-play systems mean fewer circuits, less wire and conduit, and less labor.
  • Superior LED dimming and control
    Flicker-free dimming to 0.2%; fluid, dynamic color-changing; programmable lighting scenes; open architecture compatible with most leading control systems.
  • Compound increases in energy efficiency and savings
    Low voltage power distribution is more efficient than converting power from AC to DC at every fixture.
  • Centralized surge protection
    Each Trinity power supply protects the fixtures it feeds from power surges.
  • Shortened payback periods
    Sometimes there’s no payback period at all.
  • Stellar service
    We collaborate with you before, during, and after your installation, providing 24/7 support.

Enjoy exceptional light quality, reliability, energy efficiency, infrastructure savings, and configurable control with LumaStream Low Voltage, Intelligent LED Lighting Systems™.

The LED lighting transformation is well underway. We offer a clear path forward with an inventive design that makes sense for business, and the planet.