LumaStream Industry Partners

The Powered by LumaStream program is a joint partnership between LumaStream and select manufacturers who produce LED luminaires compatible with LumaStream’s DC power distribution and remote driver technology. We’re expanding our partnerships to meet growing demand in the industry for intelligent, efficient lighting solutions. We are leading efforts to improve the performance and reliability of LEDs by harnessing the power of remote DC drivers with discrete control, and we invite you to join us.

MIT Technology Review predicts DC will be 50% of electricity consumption within the next 20 years.

DC Power Distribution for LEDs

LEDs require DC power. But, converting AC to DC at every LED luminaire is inefficient and impractical. Using DC power distribution to drive LEDs simplifies and reduces the cost of luminaire design, manufacturing, and agency approvals because the bulky, fragile, and complex electronics are removed from the fixture. LumaStream technology enables LED luminaire manufacturers to expand their LED portfolio, applications, and market reach to low-voltage, DC power applications. Beyond that, the program offers you clear leadership and differentiation in a crowded marketplace.

Our Technology

The LumaStream Trinity 3-in-1 power supply platform combines digital power conversion, constant current drivers, and superior dimming control into one cohesive LED power supply. The LumaStream core processor digitally manages power conversion and control at once, making it the only technology on the market to achieve true, flicker-free LED dimming to 0.2%.

LumaStream Trinity remote power supply benefits:

• Powers LED luminaires up to 150 ft. from driver on Class 2 infrastructure, significant savings in installation labor and material cost
• 240 watt, 87% power efficiency across wide range of loads and dimming levels
• Best-in-class, flicker-free dimming to 0.2%
• Dramatic increase in lifespan, reliability, and performance of LEDs
• Significant maintenance cost savings
• Analog and digital control protocol options (see list)
• Only multi-channel UL certified LED power supply

For program information, download our Powered by LumaStream Partners brochure >>